Dog Rehabilitation in Auburn, AL

It’s hard for us to deal with the sight of our favorite furry companions in pain. Dogs recovering from surgery or dealing with a condition like arthritis may find themselves in constant discomfort. Bringing them to Auburn Oaks Animal Clinic for dog rehabilitation gives them a chance to overcome the pain and start moving more as they did before.

The Best Dog Rehab Care in Auburn, AL

Auburn Oaks Animal Clinic understands the concern of pet parents who have a dog dealing with complications from age, injury, or disease. We work hard to help dogs keep and improve on their current mobility. Bringing your dog in for early treatment can make a big difference in how much they benefit from receiving rehabilitation at our Auburn, AL pet rehab clinic. Our team treats dogs who need help with:

  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Weight loss
  • Restoring agility
  • Getting stronger
  • Managing knee and hip problems
Dog Rehabilitation in Auburn, AL

Individualized Dog Rehabilitation Treatment

We understand that your pet is unique, which is why we create rehab treatment plans at our Auburn, AL facility specifically for each furry patient. Most dogs dealing with a medical condition benefit from receiving dog rehab, whether they’re recovering from orthopedic surgery or dealing with a ruptured vertebral disc that hinders their movement.

Every member of our staff undergoes specialized training to provide rehab treatment to canines. We work with you to develop a treatment plan geared toward treating your dog’s specific condition. Our team educates owners on how they can support their pet’s rehab goals at home.

Advanced Dog Rehab Treatment

One of the treatments offered at our Auburn Oaks Animal Clinic is the underwater treadmill. It helps dogs find relief from orthopedic or neurological conditions. The exercise can also:

  • Restore dysplastic function after a surgery
  • Give older dogs some comfort
  • Help relieve pain in your pet

The warm water supports your dog while the belt motion gives dogs the ability to complete the exercise. Underwater treadmills typically help dogs add muscle and build up core strength.

Sign Your Dog Up for Rehab in Auburn, AL

Auburn Oaks Animal Clinic offers the most advanced dog rehab treatments in the area. Set up a dog rehabilitation appointment for your pet today at 334-780-3300 to get them the loving care they deserve.

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Auburn, AL Dog Rehabilitation