COVID-19 Updates

To Our Valued Clients:

Our facility was designed to prevent the spread of airborne infectious diseases in animals. We have direct access to exam rooms from the parking lot, and we have minimized the need to wait in the reception area or stop at the desk for payment. Because of this, we are well-prepared to address the Covid-19 outbreak. You have the option of coming into the clinic with your pet or waiting in your car while we bring your pet in for his/her visit. Drop-off services are available as well. Our streamlined checkout process enables you to pay for services in the exam room or from your car without having to stop at the reception desk.

We pay close attention to the cleanliness of our facility, and now we are taking extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of every client and team member that walks through our doors. Frequently touched surfaces are regularly cleaned, and our team members are wearing masks and gloves to further minimize the risk of contamination.

If you would like to come in to see our beautiful clinic and meet with us with your pet, we ask that you wear a mask and maintain social distancing. We will conduct temperature checks of everyone who comes in. We observe thorough cleaning protocols to help ensure a safe environment. If you prefer to wait in your car, please call us when you arrive for your appointment, and we will be happy to come out and get your pet.

We ask that any clients who have a fever or are showing other signs of sickness REMAIN AT HOME. If you are at risk, or simply prefer to avoid contact but need to bring your pet in, we are happy to come out to your car to pick up your pet.

For further information regarding COVID-19 and your pet, we suggest the AVMA COVID-19 FAQs for Pet Owners: